Social Media Management

Crisis Communication

BD&A  provides public relations and marketing services to clients in fields across corporate, non-profits, and athletics and entertainment.

Military and Corporate Engagements

Positioning you and your message to be seen, heard and accepted by the public.

We work with local and national media to inform the public of our client’s mission, policies and practices in a positive, consistent and credible manner. We connect directly with producers and reporters in print, radio and television to maximize positive coverage in mass media.

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Diversity & Inclusion

Our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines continue to provide distinguished service on a global stage while they overcome cultural, physical, and political barriers in foreign lands. As we welcome home these professional and patriotic Americans, we should also welcome these talented men and women  to your corporate engagements so that your company can show their appreciation. At BD&A we work with private corporations and organizations who seek military involvement in support of an upcoming event, project and engagement.

corporate events  |    grand openings   |   political events  |   local community events   |   online events   |   invitations   |   event planning

Strategic Communication

Media Relations

Influencing your targeted audience toward an intentional action, behavior or opinion.

We infuse aggressive communication strategies with a uniquely tailored agenda to successfully promote your brand, to push your customers    toward a call to action or advocate for the cause. We help you think through your short and long term strategic communication plans.

develop a strategic communication plan   |    brainstorming and creativity   |    short/ long range planning   |    business development

Fast response to a crisis threatening your business, brand or reputation.

We provide clients with an immediate response to any crisis situation. We work tirelessly to restore your brand through a robust strategic communication plan. We work with the client to develop an impactful strategy to minimize additional damages. BD&A is a value-added resource  to our clients through the entire process.

It’s important to call us right away so that we can address your crisis quickly.

24/7 availability   |    media response training   |    reputation management   |    damage control   |    press conference/response to queries   |    social media response   |   develop talking points   |   regional and national media outreach


Behind every post, picture, placement and tweet is a strategy to drive traffic.

We can build social media platforms for organizations large and small using countless available online avenues to reach your target audience. BD&A social media strategies consistently incorporate our client’s overall strategic communication plan. Behind every post, picture, placement and tweet is a strategy to drive traffic. We will amplify client messaging using proven and emerging communication techniques. By doing so BD&A ensures the clients aren’t simply reacting and responding, but rather they are framing a discussion.

social network management   |   email marketing   |   list building   |   content development   |   metrics and analysis

We believe that diversity and inclusion provide an advantage in developing an intellectual firm and ensuring our continued growth worldwide. Diversity helps make BD&A both an organization people want to do business with and a rewarding place to work. By drawing on the strength diversity provides, we can meet new challenges and help create prosperity for employees, clients, and the communities we serve.